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For those who follow this blog from non US locations or for whom American football is at best a pointless recreation for straight men, please know the next paragraph of this post is merely an introduction to something more fitting this tumblr.
This weekend’s Super Bowl was full of surprises. The Seahawks so dominated the Broncos, that Peyton Manning seemed ineffectual and amateurish. There were commercials that featured stars, some that featured unknowns, and at least one that had both, but there weren’t many good commercials. The half time show featured a modern pop star who was entertaining, earnest, AND talented. The coaches were subdued and the players raucous. Even the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner was unique and special. What surprised me the most was the Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” commercial.

I won’t describe it to you because you saw it yourself, will have just looked it up, or don’t care either way, but it makes me happy to think that the American identity is pluralistic and has room for people with hues and tongues of all types. There are few countries where being Us means welcoming You. The US tries hard and it is more successful than most at making plurality a reality. It was surprising to see it so commercially presented.

So this Man, a Mexican immigrant in the desert, crossing to find a better life is wearing the flag of the country he idolizes, will find opportunity. He will work his chiseled body molding another Man’s home or garden or pool or fence into the shape it must be. Some will watch him with disgust, others with lust but mostly he will be ignored. He will work hard for the meager pay that is the price to be paid for unsanctioned labor, go home, jerk off maybe, and call home when he can. For this sacrifice he will be rewarded with degradation and name-calling, but always he will hope to one day belong. This is why I like the immigrant. It is because he embodies nobility, strength, and perseverance, the Male form, the Man. And this is why I welcome utopian statements made by for-profit agencies about the American spirit. Sometimes they get it right.

(Source: thebetterbulge)

I’m not saying this guy is flaming, but the red pants, eye make-up, and dyed hair assure me that this guy is FLAMING. Also he’s hot.

So- so many of my gay and bi brethren have a problem with effeminate men. Sissies, I mean. There is a great This American Life podcast about this very topic. It’s available on iTunes for $.99— Ira Glass send the check to me anytime. The basic idea is that the antipathy is part of the internalized homophobia that develops as we mature into adults. There are a great many of us that were teased for being girlie or sissylike. In the rejection of our own very real feelings of humiliation we reject in turn those of us who embody femininity most plainly. For my part, I like the safety flaming men provide me by taking the hit, as it were, from certain members of society for being so obviously gay. They’re the soldiers for the battles so many of us fight everyday. And they do it with panache I might add. And whether you’re a glittering lip gloss wearing phag or a closeted jock with serious crushes on your teammates or a burly bear with leather jacket and boots or even a discrete but proud tie-wearing gay businessman you DO have to fight the battle. This is whether or not you wish to fight, you fight it nonetheless. It is nice to have someone there on the front lines keeping the rest of us from having to face the bullets of scorn that come our way every so often. I love you flaming gay man. I love what you represent for us but I love what you do for me even more. Now if I can just get you into my bed I’ll be even happier.

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